Diagnostic fee:  $100



Repair rate:  $125/hour plus parts cost

Rush fee:  $100-$150 depending on repair

$5 per day storage fee for items left at the shop over 14 days from date of repair completion.

We charge a standard, nonrefundable $100 diagnostic fee due up front upon taking anything in for repair.  This $100 covers the first hour of repair work, which includes a thorough inspection of your equipment, and a diagnosis of the issue(s).  The $100 upfront fee will be applied towards the final balance due after all repairs are complete.

After the initial diagnostic phase, you will receive a written estimate before proceeding with any additional repairs on your instrument.  There are no additional charges over the $100 fee until the estimate is approved.  The rate after initial diagnostics is $125/hour plus any parts costs incurred.

Rush service can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.  This is dependent on the issues at hand, availability of necessary parts, etc.

If you are unable to pick up your item within this time frame, please let us know ahead of time so we can make alternative arrangements and waive the storage fee when possible.


Are you able to provide an estimate for repair before I drop off my synth?

Do you accept repairs through the mail?


Do you offering modification services (MIDI retrofits, etc)?

Unfortunately not.  We need to open up the synth and start chasing problems before we have an idea of what will go into repairing it fully.  You'd be surprised at what we find in some of these things!

We do.  Please contact us before shipping to coordinate.  We appreciate receiving a tracking number while your item is in transit so we know to keep an eye out for it.  

Yes, we can handle modifications.  For kits, such as a Kenton or Tubbutec,  we ask that you purchase the item in question and bring it with you when dropping off the synth.  We'll go over your synth to make sure it's working 100% (and repair it if necessary) before installing the mod.